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"I didn't end up purchasing from Mr. Cool, but they helped me find what I needed. They couldn't obtain the assembly, but gave me enough information to find what I needed from a used equipment dealer for my 1973 engine. Really nice fellas."

– Robert Youngston- Montauk Point, Long Island, NY

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Caterpillar Oil Coolers

Exact replacements for Caterpillar Oil coolers and other Caterpillar engine cooling devices are sold by Mr. Cool internationally. Caterpillar is an engine and heavy equipment manufacturer in the United States and the globe with a reputation for reliability and quality. The only difference you'll see with our replacement Caterpillar Oil coolers is the price.

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9L 1425 Caterpillar replacement oil cooler NEW 9L 1425 Caterpillar replacement oil cooler NEW

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