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MerCruiser V8 454, 502

MerCruiser V8 454, 502

Manifolds, Risers, Bolt and Gasket Kits for MerCruiser Marine Engines
SKU Product Name Price Qty
MRC1 73813P 1 73813P MERCRUISER Rear end cap mounting package.
mrcmc47-488kit MC-47-488 KIT Thermostat kit
MRC20-0100 20-0100 Crusader Center Discharge Riser
MRC20-0082 20-0082 Crusader Center Discharge Riser
MRC20-0097 20-0097 3" spacer block
MRC20-0084P 20-0084P Barr Marine 3.5 straight exhaust adapter
MRC20-0085P 20-0085P 2.5" straight exhaust adaptor
MRC20-0086P 20-0086P 90 deg. exhaust elbow
MRC20-0087P 20-0087P 90 deg exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0088P 20-0088P 30 deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0089P 20-0089P 30 deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0092P 20-0092P 45deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0093P 20-0093P 90 deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC47487 MC-27-47487 Mercruiser -Alternator bracket.
MRC20-0082P 20-0082P Barr Marine riser mounting package
MRC20-0082SS-P 20-0082SS-P Barr Marine-Stainless steel riser mounting package package
MRCCHVA-1-84P CHVA-1-84P Chevrolet manifold mounting package
MRCCHVA-1-84SS-P CHVA-1-84SS-P Chevrolet KIT
MRC1-0104P 1-0104P Barr Marine adapter package
MRC1-0105 1-0105 Barr Marine manifold-to-riser gasket
MRC1-0106P 1-0106P Barr Marine adapter package
MRC1-0107 1-0107 Barr Marine manifold-to-riser gasket
MRCCHVA-47-0000 CHVA-47-0000 manifold to cyclinder gasket

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Manifolds, Risers, Bolt and Gasket Kits for MerCruiser Marine Engines

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