3853969 Volvo Penta Oil Cooler

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Overview 3853969 Volvo Penta Oil Cooler

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3853969 OMC Engine Oil Cooler 12 inches overall length. 2.125 inches in diameter 9 inch bundle 1 inch water fitting special oil nuts. 3853969 and 986373 are the same part. Compatible with the following gasoline engines: Lubricating System: 7.4GLPMDA, 7.4GLPMDM, 8.2GLPMDA, 8.2GLPMDM, 7.4GLIMDA, 7.4GLIMDM, 8.2GLIMDA, 8.2GLIMDM Oil Pan, Pump and Remote Filter: 5.0FIPHUBCE, 5.0FIPHUCCE, 5.0FIPHUECE, 5.0FIPHURCE, 5.0FIPHUSCE, 5.0FLPHUB, 5.0FLPHUC, 5.0FLPHUE, 5.0FLPHUR, 5.0FLPHUS, 5.8FIIHUBCE, 5.8FIIHUECE, 5.8FIPHUBCE, 5.8FIPHUCCE, 5.8FIPHUECE, 5.8FIPHURCE, 5.8FIPHUSCE, 5.8FLIHUB, 5.8FLIHUE, 5.8FLPHUB, 5.8FLPHUC, 5.8FLPHUE, 5.8FLPHUR, 5.8FLPHUS, 5.8FSIPHUBCE, 5.8FSIPHUCCE, 5.8FSIPHUECE, 5.8FSIPHURCE, 5.8FSIPHUSCE Lubricating System: 7.4GLPHUS, 7.4GIPHUSCE, 7.4GSIXHUS, 7.4GLIHUB, 7.4GIIHUBCE Oil Pan, Pump and Remote Filter: 5.8FIPNCACE, 5.8FIPNCBCE, 5.8FIPNCMCE, 5.8FIPNCSCE, 5.8FLINCC, 5.8FLINCS, 5.8FLPNCA, 5.8FLPNCB, 5.8FLPNCM, 5.8FLPNCS, 5.8FSIINCC, 5.8FSIINCS, 5.8FSIPNCACE, 5.8FSIPNCD, 5.8FSIPNCS Lubricating System: 7.4GLPNCA, 7.4GLPNCS, 7.4GLPNCM, 7.4GLPNCB, 7.4GIINCCCE, 7.4GIINCSCE, 7.4GIPNCACE, 7.4GIPNCBCE, 7.4GIPNCMCE, 7.4GIPNCSCE, 7.4GLINCC, 7.4GLINCS, 7.4GSIINCC, 7.4GSIINCS, 7.4GSIXNCB, 7.4GSIXNCM, 8.2GSIXNCB Lubricating System: 7.4GLPLKD, 7.4GLPLKE, 7.4GIPLKDCE, 7.4GIPLKECE, DPX385XLKE, DPX415XLKE
Made in America
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This is Not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part.

More Information
MPN 3853969
Vendor Part Number 3853969
SeaKamp Equivalent SK 212134
R&D Enterprises Equivalent RD 212 EE 05
Sen-Dure Equivalent 1132-12-5
Material copper
Diameter 5 in.