4058308 Cummins Heat Exchanger

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4058308 Heat Exchanger for the Cummins 6C 300 HP 5" Diameter x 27" long shell Standard copper nickel (CUNI) core. Functional equivalent to Sendure 9656-1-7 and 3912145. Replacement for Cummins part #3912145 and Sen-Dure #12610-1-7. Raw Water Inlet/Outlet: 1.75". Engines: C GAS PLUS CM556, QSL9 CM2250 L115, ISC CM2150, QSL9.3 CM2880 L113, ISL8.9 CM2150 L110, QSL9 CM2350 L118, ISC8.3 CM2250, ISL G CM2180, QSL9 CM2250, QSL9 M CM2250 L106, QSC8.3 CM554, ISL9 CM2250, ISL9 CM2350 L111, QSL9 CM554, G8.3 CM558, G8.3, ISL9 CM2350 L101, L9.3 L105, QSL9 CM850, L8.9, QSL9 G CM558, ISC CM554, QSC8.3 CM2250, QSL9 CM2350 L107, ISC CM850, ISL CM554, ISLE4 CM850, QSL9 CM2350 L102, ISL8.9 CM2880 L112, 6C8.3, GTA8.3 CM558, L GAS PLUS CM556, QSC8.3 CM850, ISL CM2150, ISL9 CM2150 SN, ISL CM850, QSM11 Engine
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MPN 4058308
Vendor Part Number 4058308
Material copper nickel
Diameter 5 in.