Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return a product if overseas?

We are quite careful with overseas shipments and have never returned one. We have found out that international returns on credit cards can take up to 60 days just because of credit card processors. It has to do with the transaction link being lost across international lines. Let’s work together to be sure we’re shipping you the right part.

Your prices are lower than most. Does this mean your quality is lower?

Our parts will perform as well as the OEM part it replaces. Legal requirements keep us from stating these are exact replacements, but we are confident of our product performance and years of experience show we’re right. That’s why we have the same warranty as the OEMs. Our prices are lower because you are taking out at least one step in the chain of distribution. It’s that simple.

What is your warranty?

We warranty our products for 24 months for pleasure craft installations and 12 months for industrial installations. This is limited to the cost of the product sold and does not cover subsequent losses incurred. This type of warranty is standard throughout the industry.

Who do you purchase your products from?

We use many of the same manufacturers that supply the engine marinizers and all make their products in the United States. The quality of our products are superb. But we do keep our suppliers confidential.

How quickly can I get my tube-and-shell cooler?

We can make just about any tube-and-shell cooler and we’re here when you need us. If you call us early in the day, we can usually get you that product for the following day.

How long have you been around?

We’ve been around since 2007 and in the industry for 35 years. Try us. You’ll love our products and love our prices...not to mention we understand cooling and are good at technical assistance.

How quickly can I get standard replacement parts?

We stock many parts that can ship to you for next day arrival with no increase in part cost.

What is my part number?

Please give us a call at 866-726-COOL(2665). We will do all we can to help determine your part number.

What if I need to order a high performance or older non-standard part?

For High Performance or older non-standard products where we can’t determine your part’s configuration over the phone or through pictures, we may ask you to send it to us. If it is possible, we’ll repair or duplicate that part for you!

What is the difference between Copper and Copper-Nickel?

If you would like to know more about Copper Vs. Copper Nickel parts please visit our informational page here. The information provided will help you make a decision as to what meets your needs.

Does using your products void my warranty?

The law protects you from manufacturers who attempt to force those who buy their product to be obligated to also purchase their maintenance, repair and other services from the same manufacturer or preferred dealers. Congress has provided consumers with this protection under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act as well as specific provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act.
It’s against the law for an original equipment manufacturer to tell consumers that their warranty would be void should they (1) use other than genuine replacement parts or (2) use service providers that are not "authorized dealers."