3827201 Volvo Transmission Gear Cooler

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Overview 3827201 Volvo Transmission Gear Cooler

This is a drop in replacement for 3827201 Volvo Transmission Gear Cooler. This is a high pressure cooler with a copper nickel bundle and is fit for salt water applications. Our bundle size is 4 inches in diameter and the OEM is appx 3.3 inches. In this case bigger is better, there is more copper and we believe better cooling. Customer installations have been very successful. A couple of pictures are included. We did not have the cap from one end of the OEM cooler, so it is posted with the single cap on the right. Note the top of the oil nut is not painted to eliminate potential contamination from paint flakes. Bracket slot fits the OEM bolt hole pattern. Brackets are made of steel and epoxy coated. The oil nuts spec is equivalent to the OEM cooler so you will be able to simply remove the OEM's conversion fitting from the OEM cooler and insert it into ours, attach your lines and you're ready to go. Spatially, the cooler is equivalent in height from the mounting surface so it will not collide with other items on the boat and the max distance from the mounting holes is equivalent as well. Note that we have added a second fitting for your dripless connection on this cooler. And there is no problem if you have the Volvo tempatature sensor as well. That fitting screws right in and there's plenty of room. The cooler is completely compatible as OEM replacement. For other applications for this part, we offer a conversion fitting to change the oil fitting to 3/4"NPT. Just ask and we'll help you out. Functional equivalent to Volvo 3827201, 3827988, 3830503, 3827889 and insert 3828406. MOTA Casting number FGA 89543, FGA89543, MOTA 3827889. Compatible Diesel Engines TAMD71B TAMD73P-A TAMD73WJ-A TAMD74A TAMD74A-A TAMD74A-B TAMD74C-A TAMD74C-B TAMD74L-A TAMD74L-B TAMD74P-A TAMD74P-B TAMD75P-A Transmissions IRM 280A2-E IRM280A2-E/ZF 280A-EB IRM280PL MG 5085A-E MG 5085SC-E ZF280IV

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More Information
MPN 3827201
Vendor Part Number 3827201
Material copper nickel
Diameter 4 in.