859360 Volvo Heat Exchanger

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Overview 859360 Volvo Heat Exchanger

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  • Offered is our replacement for Volvo Penta 859360 Heat Exchanger.
  • Please note this unit is not a direct replacement and is not returnable.   You will need to do some minor modifications to your existing setup and must either be handy or you’ll need a mechanic. The unit will need to be hosed into your system.  It has been installed in many engines across the globe and cools the engine comfortably. 
  • Used on the following Volvo Penta engines:
    • 2001, 2001B, 2001AG, 2001BG, 2002, 2002B, 2002D, 2002AG, 2002BG, 2003, 2003B, 2003D, 2003AG, 2003BG, 2003T, 2003TB, 2003 SOLAS, 2003B SOLAS, 2003TB SOLAS, 120S-A, 120S-B, 120S-D, 120S-E, 120SC, MS2A, MS2A-D, MS2A-E, MS2A-S, MS2B, MS2B-A, MS2B-L, MS2B-R, MS2L, MS2L-D, MS2L-E, MS2V, 2003TR, 2001R, 2003R, 2003R SOLAS
  • Equivalents
    • 859360 and 840741 are the same part.
  • Bracketry
    • It will fit into the current engine mounted bracket.
  • Paint Color
    • This part is painted to color match the green engine. The engine installation picture is from a few years back and is our first generation.
Made in America
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This is Not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part.

More Information
MPN 859360
Vendor Part Number 859360
SeaKamp Equivalent SK 212134
R&D Enterprises Equivalent RD 212 EE 05
Sen-Dure Equivalent 1132-12-5
Material copper
Diameter 3 in.