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Chevrolet Big Block 427, 454

Chevrolet Big Block 427, 454

Manifolds, Risers, Bolt and Gasket Kits for Chevrolet Big Block Marine Engines
SKU Product Name Price Qty
MRC20-0107 20-0107 Barr Marine RISERS
MRC20-0108 20-0108 Barr Marine RISERS
MRC20-0087P 20-0087P 90 deg exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0093P 20-0093P 90 deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0089P 20-0089P 30 deg. exhaust elbow adaptor
MRC20-0107P 20-0107P Barr Marine KIT
MRC1-0105 1-0105 Barr Marine manifold-to-riser gasket
MRC1-0107 1-0107 Barr Marine manifold-to-riser gasket
MRCCHVA-47-0000 CHVA-47-0000 manifold to cyclinder gasket

Product Description


The center riser is a two-piece aluminum manifold/riser ideally suited for replacement use where riser protection is required. The Barr Center Riser aluminum manifold/riser uses flexible exhaust hose which facilitates connection to existing exhaust lines. All elbows (cast iron) can swivel inboard or outboard for perfect fit. The Barr Center Riser aluminum manifold/riser is designed to limit back presure on the engine, resulting in more efficient engine performance. The manifold and riser can be reversed and will fit either side of the engine. The Barr Center Riser aluminum manifold/riser is cast of 356 T6 aluminum, well suited for fresh water marine applications. Barr Marine

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