119574-33011 Yanmar Engine Oil Cooler

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Overview 119574-33011 Yanmar Engine Oil Cooler

This is Not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part.

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Yanmar 119574-33011 LY Series Lube Oil Cooler 

This product can have a serviceable end cap (bolt through center) and a flat cap / non serviceable with no bolt on one end (see pictures).   We sell ours only with the serviceable end cap config.  It is your best option our fits both configurations.  

This part is guaranteed by us as a drop in replacement.  The configuration is extremely sensitive to installation.  If the part is not right you won’t be able to install it.  Ours is right. We have confirmed our configuration with multiple installers and a laser scan to assure you’ll have no installation issues.  

We also use equivalent materials to the OEM and provide a 2 year warranty for pleasure installations.  

Parts 119574-33011, 119574-33010 and 119574-33030 are all the same part configurations.

Information you may need: 

  • replacement oil cooler for Yanmar LY series
  • 6 inch diameter
  • 10.5 inch long shell
  • (2) 3/4 inch inverted flare oil connections
  • (2) 1-1/2 inch water hose connections
  • 1/4 inch NPT drain
  • Copper nickel core
  • Includes zinc and ground lug
  • Fits Yanmar LY series 6LYA-UTE, 6LYA-UTE(P), 6LY2-STVY, 6LY2-ST, 6LYA-STE, 6LYA-STE(P), 6LYA-STEP, 6LY2-WDTZY, 6LY2-ST, 6LY440, 6LYA-UTE(P), 6LYA-UTEP, 6LYA-UTE, 6LY2-WDT, 6LY2-STVY, 6LYA-STP, 6LY400, 6LY440CN, 6LY2-WST, 6LY2A-STP, 6LY2A-UTP, 6LY2M-WDT, 6LY2M-WST, 6LY400CN, 6LYA-STE(P), 6LYA-STEP, 6LYA-STE, 6LY2-STE, etc
  • Replaces Boatman's iNet Marine SKYAN119574-33011, SKYAN119574-33010
  • Replaces Seakamp 119574-33010119574-33011, 119574-33030
  • Replaces Yanmar 119574-33010119574-33011, 119574-33030
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