3972979 Cummins Transmission Gear Cooler

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Overview 3972979 Cummins Transmission Gear Cooler

This is Not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part.

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Offered is a direct drop-in replacement for the Cummins Transmission Gear Cooler 3972979.

This is a very high-quality replacement for the Cummins OEM product.

This part is guaranteed for fit and function with a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

We use OEM equivalent materials and guarantee this brand-new part will properly cool as the OEM intends.



  • 3972979 Cummins Transmission Gear Cooler 3" X 9.5" OAL
  • 1.75” Seawater connection
  • Note that we use a cast seawater cap that is machined for the 1.75 dimension.
    • We feel this feature is a quality-up for this product.  Better than OEM.
  • You will reuse your mounting bracket.
  • The Distance between the threaded mounting ports is 6 inches on center line.
  • This is a high-pressure unit with a copper nickel bundle compatible with the transmission.
  • The part has four drains as with the OEM unit to help feel dripless units and other ancillary cooling needs.


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